Last year, Rio Arriba County ranked last in the New Mexico for immunizations of Seniors. In one year, we went from last to second by bringing our immunization campaign directly to neighborhood senior centers. This year, we are expanding our push, bringing immunizations for influenza, pneumonia, tetanus and whooping cough to the senior centers once again, but als joint pain prevention, Medicare enrollment, heart and diabetes checks, and more. The site managers of each community we visit are organizing some of their own activities as well. As a result, the tone of each outreach mirrors the personality of that community.

Espanola Hospital, the NM DOH and El Centro Family Health have accompanied us to each site to provide medical staffing. We need to pass the Hospital Mil Levy, and to raise our Market Share among Medicare recipients from 45% to 75% in order to qualify for the $1.8 million federal subsidy for Sole Community Provider Medicare Hospitals. Rather than marketing through ads, Espanola Presbyterian Hospital is assisting us to bring preventive services directly to Rio Arriba Senior Citizens.

We’ve had other providers helping us as well: AmberCare, NM Disability Rights, and the Espanola Energy Employee’s Resource Center for folks who have been harmed by radiation.

In Dixon, they held an arts and crafts fair; we came up with a collaborative solution to a crisis; and we visited the home of a Centenarian. Each of these events has been so inspiring. I hope these videos help you to enjoy them, too!

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